The best is yet to come!

While we both immediately agreed that a large wedding was not anything we wanted, we did initially plan to get married in our backyard pool area in early July with friends and family present. We kept answering why we did not want a large wedding. So, we agreed to elope and told the immediate family – the support was overwhelming. We had already planned a Hawaiian vacation in early November 2017. Although Dave lived in Hawaii while he was stationed there as a Marine, he had not visited Kauai and this magical place is the best place we could think of to share the special love we have for each other in declaring a lifetime commitment and happiness of living our life together. Our blessed day was at Keoneloa Beach on the island of Kauai on March 18, 2018. We will have a party at some point in summer or fall of 2018 for all of our friends so they can help us celebrate our blessings and the sacred day we became husband and wife for life!

Holly and David brought their family with them to celebrate their Wedding which was the perfect transition from of a “Love at First Sight” relationship to a Fairy tale Wedding on the Wedding Island Of Kauai. It was the perfect location to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

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