Our family and our future will be a great, loving adventure

I am fortunate to become a step-father and earn a place in the hearts of Holly’s children, Garrett, Robert, Rachel and Annemarie. I will love and protect these young men and women as my own. I am also honored that Holly will be a great stepmom to my daughter Melissa, son Paul and join in spoiling our five grandchildren – Jeffrey, Ariana, Alex, JenaLynn and Marissa. Holly has met my Mom, Dad and sister and they have already bestowed the love and blessings on us – gaining a wonderful woman as their daughter-in-law and sister-in-law. Holly says that she is excited to be a part of a larger family and meeting some of my many cousins definitely gave her that loving and welcomed feeling when we visited San Antonio in late January 2018. Our family will always include some furry kids. We love having our wild and crazy Harley (a Morkie), the calmer Bentley (MaltiPoo) and the younger brother and very laidback (until he sees another dog that is) Kona – a fluffy Pomeranian. I Love my life with Holly, our family and our future will be a great, loving adventure.